Ice Power helps with Rheumatic pain

Ice Power helps to relieve the symptoms of Rheumatismip_grandma

In rheumatic conditions the joints become inflamed and this results in structural changes and dislocation. These changes are due to continuous or repeated inflammation and therefore treatment of inflammation is necessary. There is no cure for rheumatoid arthritis but its progress can be delayed and even halted with medication. Exercise, movement therapy and cold treatment are also essential. The main aim of treatments is the control of rheumatic inflammation, pain relief and increased mobility.

Rheumatic inflammation generally appears in joints but can also spread to tendons, sheath and even to the muscles. Inflammation can be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs but cold therapy is also beneficial. Cold treatment stops the inflammation from spreading, reduces swelling and relieves pain. Ice Power cold treatment is easy to use. Treatment with Ice Power Cold Pack by physiotherapists or at home quickly lowers the temperature in a painful area. Treatment can be improved by applying Ice Power Cold Gel during the day.

Varying degrees of rheumatic inflammation can cause permanent changes to the joints. Various splints and supports are used to prevent and fix such changes, but this causes stress to support structures, especially the muscles. Treatment of muscle tension with Ice Power cold gel helps to maintain good daily performance.
Ice Power Cold Gel is an excellent aid to the treatment of rheumatism because it is not a medicine and therefore does not strain the body. It also reduces the need to use anti inflammatory drugs. Use of Ice Power Cold Gel as part of self care improves treatment results.

Ice Power Cold Gel is an alternative non-prescription analgesic for soft tissue and joint pain. Using the gel as a part of physiotherapy, together with analgesics, will significantly improve the outcome.