Ice Power cold treatments for sports

Ice Power cold treatments for sport

Treating acute traumas with cold treatment is quite a common method of first aid. Cold treatment is very suitable for taking care of muscles after heavy training. Its tissue-cooling effect reduces inflammation and enhances recovery from traumas. The cold treatments used most often are cold water, cold packs, cold spray, ice, snow and cold gel.

Ice Power products

Ice Power Cold Gel gains its cooling effect from menthol and essential oils which lower the temperature of the skin surface by approximately 5-7 degrees. This helps to avoid the risk of freezing which may occur when ice and cold pack are used. The influence of the Ice Power Cold Gel is enhanced by the cold-conveying menthol receptor, which belongs to the group of temperature-regulating receptors. With the help of this receptor the effect extends to deeper tissues and limits the area of trauma. The leaking of blood and tissue fluid to the tissues decreases and reduces the swelling.

Ice Power Cold Gel is a non-medication type of pain treatment. It is safe to use even for extended periods of time. Ice Power Cold Gel is suitable for treating traumas after using the cold pack in order to prolong the cold effect and thus quicken the healing process.

Ice Power Cold Gel is an excellent recovery aid after tough physical stress; it relaxes muscles by increasing the circulation on the area and reduces pain. Hard stress and insufficient recovery can lead to tissue inflammation which can be avoided with the help of the cold gel. Ice Power Cold Gel, if used as soon as possible after the physical stress, can offer sufficient help for recovery and prevents traumas. Ice Power Cold Gel is also available in a Roll tube. The roll helps to spread the gel exactly over the places where treatment is needed. Spreading the gel from a roll-tube improves the absorption of the gel so that it can have an immediate and powerful effect. Moreover, the roll is easy to use.

Ice Power Instant Cold Pack is ready for immediate use. The pack freezes due to a chemical reaction that is started by breaking a bag inside the pack by squeezing. Instant cold pack can be used as a first aid measure in case of traumas, to keep the swelling down, avoid bruises and soothe the pain.

Ice Power Cold Spray is an easy-to-use, heavily cooling cold spray. Its effect starts immediately and lasts for about 15 minutes. The Cold Spray is suitable for the first aid treatment of sprains and ruptures. The next steps in the treatment would be Ice Power Cold Pack and Cold Gel.

Ice Power Sport Spray is a powerful and long-lasting cold gel spray. It is a unique cold treatment product which combines the handiness of a spray and the long-lasting effect of the gel. Sport Spray eases pain caused by punches, sprains, ruptures and stress traumas, and reduces swelling caused by sports injuries.

When treating traumas, the R.I.C.E. method should be used: Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. The compression bandage and the cold reduce the swelling and the cold soothes the pain. The elevation prevents blood from accumulating in the area of the trauma. Ice Power Sport Spray is suitable for using together with the compression bandage in case of acute traumas:

How to use Ice Power Sport Spray with a bandage in case of injuries

Ice Power Sport Spray is a versatile cold product for all sportsmen!