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Ice Power – scientifically proven effect!

Ice Power effectively relieves pain and inflammation, reduces swelling, releases muscle tension and speeds up recovery of  injuries and muscle exertion.

Ice Power Cold Gel effect is based on Menthol and other essential oils, which lower the temperature of the skin by approximately 5-7 degrees. The effect is promoted by recently discovered cold mediating menthol receptor (CMR1), which belongs into a group of skin thermoregulation receptors. Menthol receptor mediates the effect also to deeper tissues. The gel reduces the inflow of blood and tissue fluids, preventing the forming of swelling. The sooner the Ice Power Cold Gel is used, the better the results. Ice Power Cold Gel enables to perform cold therapy more often, which prolongs the effect of the treatment.

The effectiveness of Ice Power Cold Gel is scientifically proven. It reduces pain and promotes recovery of soft tissue injury. The first Cold Gel trial in the world was carried out in Kuopio University in cooperation with university hospitals. The study with Ice Power Cold Gel was conducted by Dr. Olavi Airaksinen. A short report of the study has been published in publication of the American Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. The clinical trial showed that the effectiveness of the Ice Power Cold Gel begins immediately after application and decreases pain by half after one week of treatment.