Ice Power and computer work

Ice Power helps to relieve the painful effects and muscle stress caused by working on a computer


Excessive work on a computers, reduced exercise and intensive working creates problems to neck and shoulders, as well as to wrist and spinal region. Static and sitting lifestyle together with poor ergonomics and weak physical form can make one easily susceptive to complaints caused by strain. If these complaints are not treated and strain is not re-measured, one can fall into quite troublesome vortex of malaise. Stress derived complaints are usually caused by organism’s response to excessive load, quite often the outcome is some kind of inflammatory reaction in soft tissues or joints. This inflammatory reaction can be effectively treated with Ice Power Cold therapy products.

Complaints in neck and shoulder area

Pain in neck area is often caused by bad ergonomics and weak posture muscles. With growing age these complaints will exacerbate due to the wearing of vertebra. Wrong posture impairs blood circulation in muscles, which in turn causes muscle tension. Continuous ischemia generates inflammatory reaction in muscle. To improve the situation, the ergonomics and muscle condition should be corrected, but first of all, the inflammation must be treated. With mild inflammations good healing effect is achieved with local cold therapy, which is easily carried out at home or at working place using Ice Power Cold Gel. Due to the stimulation of blood circulation, Ice Power is suitable for reducing muscle tension even before the appearance of inflammation.

Shoulder joint has the biggest movement capability in human body, but due to reduced exercise it is susceptible to shoulder problems. Bad ergonomics and weakness of posture muscles causes problems with shoulder joint movements. Worsening of blood circulation in the area and friction due to motion generates high burden in the body. The consequence of the burden could be an inflammation in the tendons of rotator cuff -muscles, in bursa or joint liniments of the region. Permanent transformations, like strong degenerations are also quite common in these areas. Ice Power cold therapy helps to reduce swelling and relieves inflammation and pain. Ice Power Cold Gel contains in gredients, which decrease the temperature of superficial tissues and at the same time Menthol affects the system of pain receptors.

Ice Power Cold Gel is an alternative non-prescription analgesic for soft tissue and joint pain. Using the gel as a part of physiotherapy, together with analgesics, will significantly improve the outcome.

Pain in wrists and hands

„Mouse-hand” is an overload condition of wrist, which is caused by monotone movements and wrong position of the wrist during working with computers. Weakness of forearm muscles is promoting factor for pain development. That kind of complaint, which usually starts with mild symptoms, is easily corrected with the use of two-hand mouse. If the pain is not treated, the result is usually a whirl of inflammation. Local cold therapy and resting are effective way to treat inflammation. Ice Power Cold Pack can be used immediately after strain at home. Ice Power Cold Gel can be applied to wrist during workday, which assures continuation of treatment and relieves pain without stopping the work.

Other pain conditions in hand and wrist regions, like windgall, are frequently the consequence of monotonous and repetitive movements, which charge small joints and rub tissues. In these situations, the primary task is to treat inflammation and improve ergonomics.

Overload of lumbar area

Sitting work, static posture and poor ergonomics induce constant overload in the vertebra and muscles of the lumbar region. This could lead to obstructed blood circulation in the region, tensions in muscles and nerve tracts. Ice Power Cold Gel is an easy and effective way to release muscle tension. Ice Power cold therapy is very effective in treating sciatic pain. Using Ice Power Cold Pack at home and Cold Gel at working place ensures continuous treatment of pain in acute situations and affects symptoms extensively.

Symptoms of lower extremities

Sitting impairs the blood flow in lower extremities and causes swelling due to lack of movement, small bearing and inflexion of hips. Changing posture, short breaks with exercises and walking can prevent and relieve the symptoms. By cooling down superficial tissues Ice Power Cold Gel stimulates blood circulation and metabolism, which gives a relief for complaints.

Roll-tube enables easy and convenient self-treatment of back and neck – best results are achieved if treatment is repeated regularly.

Scientifically proven effect

Ice Power Cold Gel effect is based on Menthol and other ethereal oils, which lower the temperature of the skin by approximately 7 degrees. The effect is promoted by recently discovered cold mediating menthol receptor (CMR1), which belongs into a group of skin thermoregulation receptors. Menthol receptor mediates the effect also to deeper tissues. The gel reduces the inflow of blood and tissue fluids, preventing the forming of swelling. The sooner the Ice Power Cold Gel is used, the better the results. Ice Power Cold Gel enables to perform cold therapy more often, which prolongs the effect of treatment.

The effectiveness of Ice Power Cold Gel is scientifically proven. It reduces pain and promotes recovery for soft tissue injury. The first Cold Gel trial in the world was carried out in Kuopio University in cooperation with university hospitals. The study with Ice Power Cold Gel was conducted by Dr. Olavi Airaksinen. A short report of the study has been published in publication of the American Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. The clinical trial showed that the effectiveness of the Ice Power Cold Gel begins immediately after application and decreases pain by half after one week of treatment.