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Ice Power for sports

The menthol in Ice Power Products decreases the pain sensation and muscle soreness following from physical exercise and exertion, improves strength and fastens the recovery. The study shows that Ice Power Cold Gel also fastens the recovery of an injury*. Use Ice Power Cold Gel or Creme before and after physical exercise.

How to use Ice Power cold therapy products in sports

  • Spread Ice Power Cold Gel or Creme on the exercised muscle after the exercise and repeat on sore muscles 3-4 times a day
  • Use Ice Power Cold Creme 15 min before the exercise to enhance the results of the exercise.
  • Repeat the treatment with Ice Power Cold Gel or Creme after the exercise and add again if needed after two hours to improve the effect of the exercise and to fasten recovery. For sore muscles repeat 3-4 times a day.

Use Ice Power Cold Gel for sport injuries 3-4 times a day until the pain is relieved.

There is a difference between cool and cold

Cold: Ice and Cold packs

  • The traditional first aid treatment is to use ice or cold pack for the first 15 minutes and repeat the treatment every 30-60 minutes.
  • Cold releases endogenous endorphins that produce good feeling
  • Tissue damage/frost bite caused by cold: ice crystals in the tissue damage the cell structures, nerves and small vains
  • The blood circulation has slowed down for a much longer period than the cooling effect lasts

Cool: Ice Power Cold Gel and Creme

  • The optimal cooling effect is achieved without the risk of frost bites or tissue damage
  • Decreases the skin temperature by 5-7 degrees Celsius –> controlled cooling
  • First slows down, then after 15 minutes increases blood circulation

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*Proven efficacy – Ice Power Cold Gel speeds up recovery in soft-tissue injuries

There is a difference between cold and cool