Ice Power in physical therapy

Ice Power in physical therapy

Treatment of neck and shoulder tension can be improved and treatment sessions can be shortened by utilizing the properties of Ice Power Cold Gel. The use of cold gel in physiotherapy and clinics, e.g. for treatment of inflammation – combined with patients’ own cold gel treatment at home means the treatment continues around the clock and so the recovery is much faster.

  • When treating ever-increasing work related muscle and joint pains the use of Ice Power Cold Gel as a self-treatment at work is easy and efficient. In this case the physiotherapists have more time for conducting preventive work.
  • Pain caused by rheumatism and problems with joints often make life excessively difficult. Daily use of Ice Power Cold Gel at home and after therapy sessions significantly extends the benefits of physiotherapy. A person’s ability to function is thus efficiently maintained.
  • The use of Ice Power for treatment of post paralytic or bone fracture contractures is an efficient way to combine cold treatment with therapy. Cold treatment extents the painless mobility of joints and relaxes muscles.
  • The improvement of post-operative treatment by the use of Ice Power Cold Gel considerably reduces swelling and enables to perform efficient rehabilitation from the very start.
  • Since Ice Power Cold Gel is a medicine free pain reliever it is also suitable during pregnancy and breast-feeding e.g. to treat back pains and swollen legs.
  • Growing pains of children – that mostly appear at nights – can be prevented and treated with Ice Power Cold Gel. The pain relieving effect comes quickly and the child doesn’t need medicine for pain relief.
  • The use of Ice Power Cold Gel in cases of acute injuries like strains, sprains, sport injuries and bruises is efficient and easy both as a self-treatment as well as a professional treatment. In combination with Ice Power Cold Packs it is possible to achieve a longer lasting reduction of tissue temperature, by which the swelling and inner bleeding of the injured area is effectively reduced.
  • Ice Power Cold Gel is a unique and efficient physiotherapeutic and self-care treatment for long-term contusion and strain injuries and it can be utilized regardless of the place.
  • Ice Power Cold Gel is a medicine free alternative for treatment of soft tissue and joint aches and pains. It can be used as part of physiotherapy and also in combination with analgesics to significantly improve the results of rehabilitation.

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